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Living Well Simplified and Southern Fried



"I believe that honest food and fitness should be accessible and affordable for all, not just the wealthy or health nutty. I'm here to inspire and support you every rep, every step and every bite along the way. I want you to have ALL the resources you need on your healthy living journey, so you can make a wholesome natural lifestyle part of your family's daily routine.

Plus, I'm serving it up with classic Southern hospitality with a modern twist, Y'all. "- Alton R. Skinner, Jr.

"Something isn't right. I just don't know what."

Women come to me feeling a little bit lost and a whole lot frustrated.

They've been trying their best to live healthier, but something's missing...

Maybe you're in that spot right now? You've been trying to eat better, to exercise a bit more, to drink your water, and to get to bed on time, but your body isn't changing.

The majority of women I work with are 90% of the way there. They're just missing a few small (but crucial) tweaks that make all the difference. Once we uncover which adjustments to make, their bodies change and the struggle can finally end. So, what's holding back your body?


What Do You Need Help with?

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I think my diet may be broken

I want quick, easy ways to add more fresh real whole food to my meals.

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My workouts aren't working

I want quick, simple workouts that easily fit into my busy lifestyle and give me energy to get stuff done.


Ready To Lose Up To 15 Pounds, 4 Inches & Look Younger In Just 28 Days and Still Enjoy Your Favorite Southern Foods?

Eat Food. Lose Weight. It’s This Simple.


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