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WhAt is Southern Fried Fitness and who is this Alton Guy?

Hi! I’m Alton. I am a weight-loss transformation and anti-aging expert, and a bestselling author who has helped celebrities and countless men and women look and feel their best from the inside out. I am the founder of SouthernFriedFitness.com where I focus on spreading my love for real food ,and incorporating a realistic approach to health and wellness so that you never feel overwhelmed.

I work with folks all over the south or people who like a little southern drawl in their fitness plans. Folks who are sick and tired of following the latest diet or health food/fitness trend only to end up unhappy, dissatisfied and unmotivated with their results because the creators don't understand the unique challenges of small town southern life. Rather than end up yo-yo dieting, losing and gaining weight back and having little to no energy, I choose to do something different.

I want to help you and your family to become strong, fit, happy and healthy by adopting a lifestyle that features more movement, better fresher real food, less stress, fewer chemicals and an attitude of possibility and gratitude by using the latest mind body and green living techniques but without all the jargon, attitude and overpriced advice that doesn’t make it self-accessible to regular folks. I want to change that for you and the whole South so help if you can. 

 I know what you’re up against.

  • You’ve got multiple health struggles under the same roof.

  • You’re already busy and tired as it is, without adding more to your to-do list.

  • You’re dealing with food sensitivities or trying to wrap your head around new ways of eating.

  • You don’t want to waste time and money on recipes or tutorials that just don’t work.

  • And yet, you’re here, reading this. Which tells me you truly care and want something better.

  • You’re willing to do what it takes to feed yourself and your family as nutritiously as possible.

  • You want to make your home greener and more toxin-free.

  • You desperately want to raise your precious little people to have the fullest, healthiest life possible.

  • And you want to be part of this movement of people living more wisely and sustainably.

I don’t want you to stay stuck where you are, wishing you could make changes to the way you eat, and live, and feel, but not having what you need to do it. 

That's why I do what I do.

Some of things I'm curious about, learn about and share about with you are how to ....

  • prepare wholesome & delicious real food

  • get the toxins out of your house

  • understand and use natural remedies

  • breathe new life into your exercise habits

  • raise exceptionally healthy kids in an unhealthy world

  • plus gardening and homesteading, meal planning, women’s health issues, and so much more.

Most of this for free but occasionally I will have some items for sale because last time I checked Walmart and the farmer's market don't take hugs and high fives for payment. It would be a lot cooler if they did so until then I may occasionally share products, services and people that I think are worth investing some of your hard earned money and time into.

Interested in learning more about what it is I do and how I can help you?

Contact me at Alton@southernfriedfitness.com to get started today!

Or click below and Join the Southern Fried Fitness Family. Mama taught me never to go to someone’s home empty handed so I’ll send you my Southern Fried Fitness Recipe Collection of 5 comfort food recipes made healthier but still taste good enough to take to a cover dish dinner.

Love, peace and less chicken grease, Y'all

So what do I believe in and what exactly does it mean to live the Southern Fried Fitness way? Have a look at this page for more about what I believe in, what I stand for and what this means for YOU!

What is Southern Fried Fitness anyway?
 It’s a philosophy, a state of mind, a way of life. It’s a movement towards real authentic connected relationships with food, fitness, community, friends and family in a world that is increasingly electronically connected but becoming a lonelier place by the second.

My family has felt so much better by making changes to the way we eat, the products we use, and how we take care of ourselves. It’s made all the difference in the world and I want the same for you.

Skinner Farm Sign log

Welcome to Skinner Farms

Y'all comeback soon!


I am a son of the South, born and raised in the Paris of the South, Old Sparta, North Carolina. (We are Sparta Y’all!)

We had a big family farm (the original CrossFit Box and functional movement center) that is now my Daddy’s hobby farm, a place to collect his animals and grow his garden. 

I’m a mama’s boy. She’s one of the reason’s I’ve been helping people get in shape for 30 some years. She lost 100 pounds and eventually become one of the first aerobics instructors in the country. I got to help make up routines and pick music when I was 10.

I am driven by her transformation. She was a much more fun and happy mama. Getting healthy doesn’t just transform your body, it’s a path to a completely different life. You can be like her and change yourself and create generational change that ripples through your family and out into the world. I’ve lost count of the weight I have helped people lose and the confidence they gained in the process and all because Linda Skinner decided to lose some weight.

But most of all I am the guy that’s going to make having real food, real fitness, really easy and real fun for you.

 Feed your body, feed your soul, feed your family. 

We are over fed and under nourished both physically and socially with this lack of respect for food. Food is fuel but a meal is so much more.

I miss the days of shared meals, the connection and joy of a good meal shared during or after a hard day of work on the farm. The sounds of laughter from Jerry Clower comedy tapes, or classic country music coming out of the stereo speakers on top of the harvest gold freezer in mama’s kitchen while we ate a meal made with food from our garden and animals from our farm.
 I am sad to say I have probably fed my son and daughter more meals passed through a car window than shared around a table or counter. 

Our family and their lives have suffered from these empty meals full of empty calories. I want to spare you and your family this empty way of eating. 

Instead I want your meal times to be full of love, laughter, flavorful nutrition and family traditions.

 I will provide the recipes and cooking systems that make it possible for this to happen. Less driving through and more sharing around a table as a family passing along family legends, values and love over some fresh food.

Eat. Play.  Love.

Fitness is about the energy to execute, excel and getting things done during the day, and having a body that makes you feel confident about how you look, how you feel, how you present yourself to the public and to those you are most intimate with in your life. It’s about having the mindfulness to deal with the daily distractions, disasters and to-dos with a calm, graceful, attitude free of freak-outs, melt downs and drama.

Too much of fitness is angry, aggressive, injury producing and pleasureless; it’s beginning to cause people deal with themselves and others with anger, aggression, negativity and hostility.

  I want to reintroduce the joy of movement, group connection and spirit of playfulness into your exercise sessions.

Rather than how fast can I lose 2 sizes no matter how bad I feel in the process. Don’t be mistaken for a single moment.

My methods will help you look and feel amazing, amazingly fast while enjoying the process, plus show you how to easily stay that way.

My workouts will restore you to a mindful, strong, joyful person full of energy, and purpose. 
Your workouts can be done in the convenience of your home or at the gym. Little if any equipment will be needed and the workouts are designed for small spaces.

You can join me in person, join live streaming sessions, YouTube channels, or paid coaching programs. Plus, connect in our private Facebook group, social media, and meeting in the real world, weird right?

Backyard farm.jpeg

What’s a farm without fields and a barn?

I’m turned my back yard into an urban farm.

I’m growing more of my food and share how that goes (and how you can do it, too). Plus, share some of my food with you.

I will also take you on road trips to visit my family and my dad’s growing collection of animals and natural areas for wild life.

Skinner’s Dinners

I’ll share simple, wholesome, whole food recipes that won’t take a whole lot of time to make that you can get most of the fam to eat without too much dinner table debate

I share where to get produce, meats, etc. if you can’t grow or don’t want to grow your own yet. 
I will also share some of my chef friends favorite recipes that have been Southern Fried Fitness-itzed for your protection.

Talking Fitness
I’m going to share my conversations with other cool people doing cool things. That’s who I’m choosing to spend my time with these days so if they’ll let me record it I’ll let you eaves drop.

Farmers are early adopters if there is something that will improve performance I will use it sooner rather than later.
 So in that spirit I will be researching and sharing the latest and best practices in fitness, the gear to make it easier, the clothes to make it cuter or comfier, supplements to optimize your outcomes. 

I will take the time to find the stuff that’s awesome and works so you don’t have to waste your money and worst yet waste your time on the garbage and snake oil from the rip-off artist that prey on our passionate fitness community. 

Buzz Free Fitness

I will write in a plain and simple jargon free method. The content I will share is going to be dead-serious accurate, but most likely will be delivered with my tongue firmly planted in my southern cheek.
Look if Yoga had been created in North Carolina it would be called fancy stretching. I’m going to get rid of the barriers that make fitness trainers seem like a mixture of gurus, mystics or keepers of the secret formula to fitness that’s guarded like the formula to Coke or the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices. My money is on sugar and everything nice. But I sell pushups for a living so what do I know, really?

I hate buzz words but love a good buzz. I try to be funny so when in doubt just go with it was a joke. More than likely I will offend you in the future for that I say I’m sorry in advance and lighten up I was just trying to be funny not mean spirited. 

Random Rant: Where are all the half-naked oiled up fitness photos like the other sites?

Maybe I’m getting prudish in my old age or it’s some faded Sunday school lesson learned over grape Kool-Aid and stale animal crackers at St. Michael’s as a kid, but a lot of the websites, magazine and social media feeds are full of half-dressed or less dressed fitness trainers and trainees and it make me uncomfortable. You won’t find that here.

Here’s why.

I’m fed up with how the fitness industry treats people that aren’t already in shape or pretty close to being in shape. To many fake shiny, happy people on social media, YouTube, Tv , magazines and the dvd programs for my taste.
 Let’s get real, no more of this fake highlight reel of perfect people, in perfect shape, eating perfect food, in the perfect outfit, with perfect hair, with the perfect motivational Instagram/Facebook image posted afterwards.

Let me go full Wizard of Oz and show you behind the certain.
 I’m going to make some of my fitness friends mad but I don’t care. I’m here to help you.

I go to the same conventions and shows as these “gurus” and we get drunk, eat terrible, wear ugly sweats and without Photoshop most of us really aren’t all that beautiful on the outside or inside. 

Fitness is full of mean girls and jerky frat boys that ruin it for the huge group of people that have stories like mine, that truly love people and want to help you be the best you, you want to be. 

Let’s face it, when you have 20, 50 or 100 lbs. to lose those images aren’t inspiring, they seem impossible.  I’ll be sharing case studies, examples, and making exclusive content to help you get started and reach your wellness goal.

I also train for vanity. Don’t get me wrong, looking good is cool, I like trying to stay fit and attractive. It’s okay to want to look cute in an outfit, but don’t forget about your mind and internal health.

Southern Fried Philanthropy

Like you, I am generous.  Every dollar that you are willing to share with me a big chunk is going to support the Red Cross, they came when the flood took Mama and Daddy’s house, and my digital products are buy one give one. You’re giving scholarships to my courses to make it easier for people that need every dollar just to make ends meet to take care of themselves and family.

Putting the vice in fitness advice.

I love sweets and have yet to find a cookie I didn’t love so expect some fun food, some reduced calorie other full strength high octane sugar and grease and more than a few cocktail recipes. I come from a long line of moonshiners so booze is in my blood but I like to think my family was just dealing with a gluten problem and found a way to get some grain into our diets.

Congratulation on making it to the end of my manifesto, I mean About Page!

So if you liked what you read, we should be friends. I’d love the chance to get to know you, your family and friends. I always try to add value whenever I interact with you whether through email, video or social media. You’re busy, I’m busy I’m not going to interrupt your day unless I have something to make your life easier, be it a recipe, a gear guide, a workout or just something I think is either really cool or really funny. 

So click below and Join the Southern Fried Fitness Family. Mama taught me never to go to someone’s home empty handed so I’ll send you my Southern Fried Fitness Recipe Collection of 5 comfort food recipes made healthier but still taste good enough to take to a cover dish dinner.

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