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Thank your for visiting AltonSkinner.com. I specialize in helping competitive cheerleaders and dancers stunt bigger, fly higher and reduce injuries.

So Who Am I and Why Should Listen to Me?

My name is Alton Skinner and I am a strength coach and a performance nutritionist for over 20 years.
Why should you listen to me? I have trained elite athletes from virtually every sport. I have provided training and equipment for Fortune 500 companies, multiple NCAA national championship programs,NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, NFL athletes, tri-athletes, and ultra runners. But the main reason you should listen to me is that I am a cheer dad and former high school coach.

I know what it’s like to try to fit everything that goes into developing a cheerleader to their full potential while balancing the needs of the program, team, and family on a tight schedule and budget. I have seen the haphazard thrown together practices; I have been scared nearly to death watching my child fall. I have iced the bruises and comforted the tears of pain and disappointment from injury and losing. However, I have also seen the excitement of mastering a new tumbling pass, the joy of hitting that perfect stunt perfectly for the first and I have seen the tears of joy of winning a competition. I believe every coach, every parent and every athlete should have access to the best tools and information to help them reach their goals faster and safer.

As a coach I have dealt with the challenges of attempting to achieve superior outcomes, with inferior budgets, equipment and space. I have had to struggle to develop a workout that fits into the time constraints of practice that a large number of athletes can perform at the same time, safely and effectively.  I know the feeling of having a hundred eyes staring at you, and having the dreadful thought of, “What are we going to working on now.” 
I have watched thousands of hours of competition and practices ranging from young rec cheerleaders just learning to winning UCA programs. I have analyzed them from a sports science standpoint and an artistic stand point in an attempt to find the best methods to achieve a better cheerleader faster. I have read and seen most of the products available for increasing the strength, flexibility and endurance of cheerleaders and to be honest, most of them are just terrible. They either don’t work or if they do the program is either too long and/or too complicated to be consistently followed in the real world. 

With all that being said,I want to share what with you what I have learned over the years. I will help you hit the ground running and make the quickest, safest and most explosive improvements you and your team have ever experienced. 
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